The P3S platform provides its expertise for your genomics and proteomics research projects, two complementary fields on the same platform.

Overview of the different services


The platform offers genotyping and methylation analysis services based on the Illumina’s BeadArray technology allowing a large scale variant analysis of the human genome.


Based on mass spectrometry, the proteomic activity of the P3S platform offers qualitative and quantitative analyses of your protein samples.

Shared Equipments Services

The platform offers academic and private laboratories a set of shared equipments in open access

P3S’s equipments are multiple and form a coherent whole around genomics and proteomics. The mission of the P3S platform is to provide its users with state-of-the-art technology and competent personnel with expertise in the relevant fields.


Best Laboratory Award Winner
Year 2015-2016

Trustworthy and Loyalty.
New technologies.
Positive Results.


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